May 2006

Hello Everyone…

I am sitting in the Poly High Theater waiting for my God son Toby to show up. He is playing in Bye Bye Birdie as Albert Peterson.

Due to a swim meet he was in he is running late! Since I have my Treo with me and don’t have anything better to do, I figured I would do a quick update.

That is the link to his school website.

Since Toby’s dad David just showd up, I assume that Toby is here and that the “Show can go on!”

Watch for more updates on my fish tank which is coming alone very nice.

Hey everyone – I wrote a bit ago about my new salt water tank I am putting in, here is the blow by blow of the installation. Enjoy !!

We worked until almost 2am last night getting the tank and everything all set up.

Basically everything is up and running, no leaks and no surprises. The protein skimmer is quite a bit larger than I expected it to be, so I have to rework the layout I had in mind for the refugium, but otherwise things looks well. I am thinking that maybe I should have gone with a 100 gallon bottom tank instead of a 55 gallon one, just so I would have more room for the rocks and stuff to hid the pump and skimmer…but that is what this is all about I guess…learning.

Water is still very cloudy, but today it is much better than it was even last night. Lots of live rock from Fuji and some other live sand stuff plus more live rock in the refugium until I decide what to do with it and where to put it.

The fish doctor also left three books of all kinds of cool looking fish and plants. I assume that this hobby is much like my flying hobby – the more cool it looks, the greater the hit to the wallet!

I absolutely love the moon light thing I have going on at night, the blue is very cool with all the light off in the house and during the day it looks like sunlight in the tank. There are three compact light systems providing light to the tanks. I will be adding a couple of Blue high power LED lights for night as well. A buddy has them and it gives off theis really cool shimmering effect at night when he has him main light off.

I am looking forward to learning as much about this as I can, I have been poking around on and there is an overwhelming amount of information, and not nowhere near enough time to read it all!

So here are some pictures of the project so far…I will be taking regular pics of the system and posing them here so everyone can watch the progress!!

Click on the link below to see all the cool pictures !!


NivieAnna Eating Ice Cream

Hello Everyone –

Well, I am having a fantastic time visiting with my niece Sarah and her eight month old daughter NivieAnna. I am not married, so it was quite a shock to my system to go from being a single batchelor to having an 8 month old child in my home.

Needless to say, my normal routine of gbetting up at 4am, hitting the road for work by 4:30am and getting home any time I like was out the window. First, you have to actually get sleep in order to get up at 4am. Sometimes Nivie (who was teething) makes these decisions for you. I am sure all of you married folks out there are laughing right now.

We are having a great time with Sarah and Nivie. They are here for another couple of weeks before heading back to N. Dakota. This is their first time in California, so I sure hope they are having fun.